Monday, February 15, 2010

Baked Fresh Daily - NO Preservatives

Experience the homeade difference.....

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - At Bettie's Cakes we bake fresh daily and all of our baked goods are handmade with all natural ingredients - sugar, flour, eggs, etc.

No preservatives used - We will not compromise the use of chemical type products to prolong the life of our cupcakes. Our cupcakes last about 2 days and that is okay with us because we bake fresh daily and they are so good you will want to eat them as soon as you buy them anyway!

NO FROZEN CUPCAKES HERE -We also do not ship in mass quantities of frozen cupcakes baked offsite like other cupcake vendors. They are all made from scratch by our "Betties"! We bake at our Saratoga Cupcakery in our convection oven and use only the best ingredients. We tried hundreds of recipes to perfect the most amazing cupcakes you will eat!

See why people are raving about our cupcakes!
Our Cupcakery in Saratoga is open daily and our Double Decker Bus is open every day except Monday.

We look forward to seeing you!

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