Monday, May 24, 2010

Pinups & Bettie ask the Cake Boss to visit Bettie's Cakes!

Bettie gathered some local pinup models to ask Buddy to visit the ONLY MOBILE DOUBLE DECKER CUPCAKE STAND in the world when he is on tour. We know Buddy would love the retro themed Cupcakery in Saratoga Springs, NY and the Mobile Cupcake Stand with dining for 28 on the SKYDECK! There truly is nothing like Bettie's Cakes around!
Here is some video footage of the models in front of the bus and then at the entry door with Bettie!


Monday, May 10, 2010

A vintage Double Decker bus as a Mobile Cupcake Cafe?

The one, the only Dee Dee - a mobile Cupcake Stand 
on a vintage Double Decker Bus!

Dee Dee is almost 14 feet high and 31 feet long!
Front of bus

Inside bus on first floor service area
The front seat on the second story with a perfect view
The roomy SKYDECK with seating for 28 on the original seats from 1963!
The gorgeous chrome stairwell

Seem too cool to be true?
Well believe it or not we are the largest mobile cupcake stand/vehicle in the US! Bettie's Cakes has the first and only mobile cafe on a Double Decker Brittish Bus!
Meet Dee Dee - a 1963 Bristol Lodeka who has been expertly crafted to become a mobile cafe.  She seats 28 on the SKYDECK or you can grab and go inside on the first floor or through the Service Window!

Dee Dee travels throughout Capital District NY bringing cupcakes and smiles to those who see her!  The bus serves Cupcakes baked from scratch daily at Bettie's Cakes Cupcakery in Saratoga, NY, cookies, coffee, soda, tea, hot chocolate and water.  

There really is nothing like her in the US and maybe even world so don't miss out on a truly unique CUPCAKE EXPERIENCE!

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here's Dee Dee - Our Double Decker Cupcake Stand!

Bettie's Double Decker Cupcake Stand is truly a unique vehicle! 

Dee Dee is a Double Decker Bus from London (1963 Bristol Lodeka)! She seats 28 on the "SkyDeck" our 2nd story of the bus.  On the first floor you can come in and check out our cupcakes on display and grab a coffee or you can get a cupcake through the service window.
We are the only MOBILE cafe in the whole USA on a Double Decker Bus so don't miss out!
We bake the cupcakes at our Saratoga Cupcakery and deliver them daily to our bus just for you!
Still need more pictures? Click here for a Slideshow or visit our Facebook Fan Page - Bettie's Cakes - A Cupcakery Cafe!

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